New Records for March 2012 - Warmest absolute temperature of 21.3C on 27th

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The weather station here in its present location at Ferryhill has been in existence since 1996. I have been interested in the weather ever since the hot summers of 1975 & 1976 and I started recording it in a little notebook whilst still at school. Since then, i've tried to maintain my records although several moves of house and a trip to college have made them somewhat sporadic. In the late 1990's the automated weather station came onto the market and I bought one. It cost an arm and a leg, but it helped me avoid disappearing into the garden at ungodly hours of the day to read the instruments and allowed a measure of the weather to be done a lot more accurately than the old home made screen, or the thermometer screwed to the doorframe. I hope these pages evolve quite organically as I add more detail.

Moon and Venus at sunrise. 3rd December 2010Snowfall, January 2010

My records here go back to 1998, and you can browse through the monthly reports on the Monthly Summaries page. Complementing this is a summary of all the hottest, coldest, wettest records, etc. on the Extremes page. Occasionally, some days are so noteworthy that more must be written about them. You'll find these in the Extraordinary Days section. If you're wondering what the typical climate of Ferryhill is like, find out here. How, do we measure all of the stuff recorded here? The gear that is used is explained on The Equipment page. To find your way to Ferryhill, take a look at the location. The weather seems to appear in the media more often these days, read our version of the News here. If you prefer to look at bonny pictures that feature the weather, take a look at the Photographs and if you run out of things to read here, you can always find some other interesting places on the Local Weather Websites page.